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Granada Airport is one of the popular gateways to the Andalusia region of Spain, and handled just under a million passengers in 2010. Traffic at the airport during previous years has been higher, with numbers exceeding 1.3 million. The airport’s official code is listed as GRX, and its official long name is the Federico García Lorca Granada-Jaen Airport, in honour of a famous poet who was an ambassador for the two provinces of Granada and Jaen. Several airline companies serve the airport, and offer flights to mainly domestic locations, but a few international ones as well, such as Paris and Rome. Granada Airport parking is available for passengers arriving in their own vehicles, and the parking lot of the airport is very conveniently located for both long-term and short-term stays.

The city of Granada is just 15km, or 9.4 miles from the airport, and Jaen is a little further, approximately 100km, or 62.5 miles to the north. Driving your vehicle to the airport is quite simple, as large roads make it easily accessible. From Granada, motorists will use the Autovia A-92, and from Jaen, the A-44. The A-44 also provides access from areas to the south of Granada, such as Motril, and the A-92 continues west past the airport, to Loja, and east past Granada, to Guadix and Baza. However, from Guadix, the road is referred to as the A-92N, while the A-92 turns southeast, and leads to Almeria. The municipalities particularly nearby the airport include Santa Fe, Chauchina, Cijuela and Fuente Vaqueros. The airport is mostly well signposted, and the parking are is easy to find, as it is directly opposite the passenger terminal.

There is just a single terminal building for all arrival and departure proceedings, and the Granada Airport car park is located just opposite to this main building. It is also within easy walking distance of all the airport’s facilities. From your car, it will just take a minute at most to reach the entrance of the terminal. Although the car park is easy to find, and the roads to the airport are generally free from congestion, motorists are always recommended to leave in plenty of time to reach the airport, and to find a parking space.

In front of the terminal, departing passengers and their baggage can be dropped off, and arriving passengers, if they are waiting at curb-side, may be collected. This area in front of the entrance to the building is often referred to as the ‘drop-off zone’, and should only be used for a minute or two at most. The driver is recommended to remain behind the wheel, and a third person to provide assistance, should it be required, for the passenger leaving the vehicle. Cars may, under no circumstances, be left unattended on the terminal road. They will be towed away, and fines could be issued. Drivers may also not wait for arriving passengers in this area. Anyone being collected should be ready and waiting in order for the driver to use the area in front of the terminal. In order to reduce the amount of traffic coming past the terminal entrance, passengers are requested to rather use the car parking area of the airport.

The Granada Airport Car Park

The car park at Granada Airport has approximately 845 spaces available for the use of private vehicles, spaces for the vehicles of the airport’s car hire companies and a couple of spaces for buses. It is an area with twenty-four hour surveillance, therefore, motorists can feel at ease about leaving their vehicles at the airport. There are also other services offered to vehicle owners, such as assistance with starting vehicles with battery problems. It is an out-door parking lot, which is now a paid parking area as well, whereas it was free for the use of passengers in the past. Most airports in the country, and in Europe, now offer only paid parking areas, and those that used to be free, have installed barriers and ticket machines.

The Granada Airport car park can be used for any length of time, whether it be for just a few hours, or a few days. Cars may also be left at the airport for a few weeks. The daily maximum charge for parking of up to four days is €10.95, and thereafter, each day will cost around €8.75. Although these are reasonable parking rates, parking at any airport can be expensive when leaving your vehicle for days or weeks. Passengers who would prefer a cheaper form of parking at Granada Airport can use the new long-term parking lot found on the road leading up to the terminal building. It is located next to the last petrol garage on the airport road, and will cost €7.00 per day regardless of how long you stay. The long-term parking lot is located at quite a distance from the terminal building, and therefore, shuttle buses are available for transport. When arriving back at the airport, simply call them and they will come and collect you from just outside the main terminal building. Further information for this car park is available from the following number: 0034 958 455 144.

Within the parking lot at the terminal, there are 21 reserved spaces for the use of disabled drivers, or by persons who are transporting a disabled person. These spaces should not be used by anyone else, and it is wise to display your disabled parking badge in the vehicle.

Payments for Granada Airport parking can be made at the automated machine in the car park, facing the departures gate, or at the machine at the parking entrance. There is also a cash desk available. Contact the airport for further details, at +34 958 245 273.

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